Win Cash Prizes worth 30,000$

Putting the spotlight on emerging Youtube Influencers, we're back with an even bigger and more rewarding program for 'Cryptofluencers' just like you.

Why should YOU participate?

  • Chance to win Cash Rewards up to 30,000$ for the Top 50 participants. (10,000$ First Prize)

  • Exposure to 100+ Crypto Brand Partners offering Creator Partnerships, Affiliates, Bounty, etc to all participating influencers.

  • Be part of a super impactful Influencer Community reaching out to more than 3 million+ Crypto Investors.

Eligibility Criteria

  • You should have at least 500+ subscribers on your Youtube channel

  • You should have posted at least one video on your channel in the last 30 Days.

How to Participate in RCSOY 2021?

Step 1

Signup for the Competition and
go through the video guidelines and sample content provided.

Step 2

Create atleast one video on the suggested topics and promote it on your channel.

Step 3

Top 50 Influencers with the most Views & Referrals will win cash prizes worth 30,000$!

Video Submission Live till

    • Registration Starts on September 8, 2021

    • Videos Submission starts from September 15, 2021

    • Last Date to Submit your Videos October 15, 2021

    • Results will be announced on October 31, 2021

    List of Important Documents/Links

    Winners of RCSOY 2020

    Recon Trader • Rick

    During 'RCSOY 2020', his total 15+ videos on 'How to make profits with an Auto-Trading Bot' accumulated over 25K views and 700 referrals!

    Crypto Corner • OJ Jordan

    During 'RCSOY 2020', his videos on 'Why choose an Auto-Trading platform for your Crypto Investments' accumulated over 10K views and 500 referrals!

    Since RCSOY 2020, Influencers have published hundreds of videos about Mudrex and leveraged our
    affiliate program even after the completion of RCSOY. See for yourself!
    This time, win a flat 10,000$ Cash Reward for the best performing video of RCSOY 2021!

    Interested, but not eligible for RCSOY '21?

    Not a YouTuber or don't clear the criteria? Submit your Influencer Profile Link and active Email ID, our Partnerships Team will reach out to you with a relevant offer. We have something for every influencer!

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